Our Roasts & Blends

REVOLUTION dual-purpose espresso blend
REVOLUTION dual-purpose espresso blend $16.00
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LIBERATOR dual-purpose espresso blend
LIBERATOR dual-purpose espresso blend $18.00
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Brazil Santa Helena Micro Lot
Brazil Santa Helena Micro Lot $16.00
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Brazil Estate Mogiana MWP Decaf
Brazil Estate Mogiana MWP Decaf $17.00
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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochore
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochore $16.00
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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha $18.00
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Ethiopia Agaro
Ethiopia Agaro $16.00
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Kenya Nyeri Giakanja AA
Kenya Nyeri Giakanja AA $18.00
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Public Offering CSA
Public Offering CSA from $60.00
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Drink Hand-Poured Coffee T-Shirt
Drink Hand-Poured Coffee T-Shirt $20.00
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The Coffee Nerd Starter Kit
The Coffee Nerd Starter Kit from $60.00
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The Coffee Adventurer Kit
The Coffee Adventurer Kit from $30.00
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We are a small-batch roaster located in Buffalo, New York. We strongly believe in creating community through great coffee and we strive to bring our customers and neighbors the finest small-batch, single-origin coffees and our own custom espresso blends. Our roastery and coffee shop, currently under construction, is located at 368 Grant Street on Buffalo's West Side.


Media Round-Up - October Edition

October 22, 2014

This week we got a little bit of press surrounding the announcement of the start of construction on our space, located at 368 Grant Street. First, The Buffalo News ran an article that covered a brief history of public, who we are and what we do. That can be found here: http://buffalo.com/2014/10/20/featured/public-espresso-opening-black-rock-coffee-shop/ Up next, Buffalo Eats came through our space last Saturday to photograph our space before the hardcore construction got underway. We shared some of our plans for the space and gave a nice recap of what we'll be doing with the space. The article is paired with an update on one of our partners, Hydraulic Hearth. Their space in Larkinville is coming right along and looks beautiful. Do...

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New Brew Thursday Update for October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014

As you may have noticed, we're a week behind in our announcements for New Brew Thursday. Last Thursday got ahead of us and rather than do something ridiculous like announce a New Brew Thursday on a Friday, we decided to hop into our forward-only time machine and announce it the following Thursday. So, the newest bean we're unveiling as part of our New Brew Thursday program is an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochore. We've roasted a lot of Ethiopians since our inception. We're comfortable when we come across a new bean that we'll find a great roast level that really unleashes the best elements and attributes of the bean. When we were profiling this particular yirgacheffe though, the flavor...

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New Brew Thursday Update for October 2, 2014

October 02, 2014

We're launching seven new coffees in seven weeks in a new program we're calling, New Brew Thursday. Join us each week as we unveil a new bean.  Following the Thursday announcement, each bean will be available on our website and at each market or event we attend as a pour-over and by the bag. To help keep track of what you've tried, we've created a little loyalty card that we'll be handing out at markets. We will stamp your card each time you try one of our new beans. If you try four (4), you will automatically get a fifth cup free at one of the winter markets we attend. If you try all seven (7) you will be automatically...

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